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Second extended edition of "Mothers"!


In October 2016 the second extended edition of the book "Mothers courageous or crazy?" was published.

It is a book, which saved a life. Thanks to it's content a human being was born. His mother read the first edition of The Mothers: Courageous or Crazy?, and found there stories about women in the same situation like hers, she found there strenght to fight for the life of her child and her own and she found hope.

The second edition is expanded to include more stories about women who decided to give birth to a child (first or next) or children, just like many other women. Although in their cases it meant serious risks to their health or even their lives. Regardless, they made dramatic decisions, often because they wanted to become mothers so much and sometimes in order to protect the lives inside them. Marta Dzbeńska-Karpińska reached them, took their pictures and wrote their stories. That's how this book was created, a moving story about courage, love, hope and victory of life. The book is about heroic choices of ordinary people. About courage, which overcomes fear and madness of love, which creates life.

The book is accompanied by the photographic exhibition under the same title, which was already seen by thousands of people in Poland and abroad.

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