Marta Dzbeńska - Karpińska | Strona główna


Very short story why life is good

"A very short story why life is goood" photography exhibition is an attempt to present the beauty of human life in its diversity and continuity. 22 boards show the history of a human from the moment of conception, through the prenatal period, childhood, youth and adulthood towards the old age. The exhibition focuses on the charm of human emotions and richness of relations that connect people together. It is a declaration of amazement at the greatest values in life: love, parenthood, friendship, passion, boldness, hope, sense of humour, empathy... It is a moment to admire the usually underestimated everyday moments. The project is an artistical expression of belief that human life, in its every stage and condition, is priceless and - sometimes despite burdensome limitations - brings great joy and grants happiness.

Photographs: Marta Dzbeńska-Karpińska

Texts: Katarzyna Urban

Graphic design: Jaga Mączka

Translation: Maciej Szuba